Hi Folks! My name is Mannu Jain. I welcome you to Become Pro Landlord (.com). I started this blog in the year 2018 as a medium of sharing my knowledge and experiences as a Landlord with the world. This blog is all about honing your landlording skills and achieving financial freedom through rental investing.  

I believe, “Landlording is an art. Be one of the best supplier to your tenants and they will make you rich every month”

“The more you read the more you learn”

My time goes in reading books and surfing blogs on Passive Investing on the internet. Reading is my second favorite after binging on YouTube. Not to tell you my favorite content on YouTube belongs to the same category. Either I’m binging on content related to investing or researching the real estate markets in and around my area.     

“I’m a big Robert Kiyosaki Fan”

This is after reading Rich Dad and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, my interest developed towards investing. From that day onward, my whole world revolves around making passive investments. My first investment was in the year 2012. That was a mere $100 investment which grossed me 50% return that year. That was a Risky investment I must say. 

But that has opened gates for investment in my mind. Build assets, not Liabilities, the first ever quote that caught my attention from that book. My Favorite books after Rich Dad Poor Dad from the Robert Kiyosaki company are Guide to Real Estate Investing, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, and Unfair Advantage

In the last 10 years, I have done more than 5 businesses but the only two I could be able to stick to are the Blogging and the Rental Business. I am now learning and gaining new experiences on a daily basis. I feel really great to be able to share these learning and experiences with my reader community through my blog Become Pro Landlord.

Now, I also want you to be able to achieve financial freedom from the path of investing. Escape the rat race and ditch your 9-5 Job. 

“Pursuing Property Rental Business and reinvesting the profits to acquire more cash flowing properties is my call to achieve financial freedom ” 

If you share the same passion, and want to do great as a Landlord; I on the behalf of Become Pro Landlord will love to walk with you on your journey.  Become Pro Landlord is close to my heart and I try to bring new content for my readers every week.

“I am on a new journey to Financial Freedom and thriving hard to build a portfolio of cash flowing assets through passive investing.”

Also I’m a big Fitness enthusiast and put up a great attention on keeping myself fit and healthy. Remember, health is like money that we never have a true idea of until we lose it. I too have a dedicated blog on Health and Fitness by the name Supplements Town(.com)

Financially Retired, I want to travel the world driving by myself while earning cash flow every month.